Nathan Rose

Host of Metagenics Institute Podcast

Nathan is a Naturopath and the Clinical Education Manager at Metagenics, where he plays a central role in the development of seminars and educational programs. He has a passion for following the latest scientific research and synthesising this into clinically meaningful information and tools for Practitioners. Nathan and his team are dedicated to critically evaluating new developments in Functional Medicine as a measure of ensuring that field progresses in a pragmatic direction.

Nathan is also the host of Metagenics Clinical Podcast where he interviews world-leading clinicians and researchers, bring cutting-edge information to Natural Healthcare Practitioners. The podcast allows Nathan to be in touch with advances of key areas of Functional Medicine such as microbiome science, biotoxin illness, nutrigenomics and immunology.

Nathan is a well know speaker on natural medicine, delivering education at major events throughout Australia and New Zealand. The combination of many years of clinical Naturopathic experience and a focus on evidence-based practice makes Nathan’s presentations highly relevant and informative.

Nathan Rose has hosted 104 Episodes.