Episode 55

Retraining the Brain with Ashok Gupta


August 25th, 2020

59 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Following his ME/CFS diagnosis 20 years ago, Ashok Gupta went on a journey to reclaim his health. His road to recovery emphasised the importance of retraining his brain and he subsequently created a 7-step program to promote neuroplasticity and support healing from chronic illness. In this episode, Gupta explains the basis for his hypothesis and shares an overview of the steps involved in the brain retraining process. A truly fascinating episode, you shan’t be disappointed!

*Highlights *

• Looking to the brain (2:55)
• Gupta’s hypothesis - “we are survival machines” (4:30)
• Why we need to address the cause of complaints (15:00)
• Honing in on the amygdala and insular (17:00)
• Fear extinction (27:00)
• Retraining the brain (30:00)
• Research results from amygdala and insular retraining (39:00)
• Who would benefit from this program? (44:40)
• How to sign up (53:20)

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