Episode 78

Brain Retraining for Long COVID


January 11th, 2022

55 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Gupta Program Brain Retraining™ is described as a powerful revolutionary neuroplasticity and holistic health program for chronic conditions. The program has changed the lives of many and is recommended by a host of internationally renowned specialists, including Dr Neil Nathan and Dr Michael Ruscio – both former guests of the Metagenics Institute Podcast.

In this episode, Nathan speaks to Ashok, founder of Gupta Program Brain Retraining™ about the potential of this program for the treatment of long COVID. Listen in to hear Gupta’s hypothesis and why brain retraining may be a useful option for those experiencing long COVID.

*Highlights *

  • An introduction to the Gupta Program Brain Retraining™ (2:00)
  • The Gupta Program for long COVID (7:30)
  • The value of brain retraining (12:30)
  • The hypothesis behind long COVID (15:00)
  • The insula and immune responses (24:30)
  • Long COVID trial (32:30)
  • About The Gupta Program (35:00)
  • Discussion regarding COVID-19 vaccines (42:00)
  • Future directions for research (50:00)

Useful Links

The Gupta Program website: https://www.guptaprogram.com/

28-day free trial: https://www.guptaprogram.com/free-trial/

Paper - Mindfulness-Based Program Plus Amygdala and Insula Retraining (MAIR) for the Treatment of Women with Fibromyalgia: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial - https://www.guptaprogram.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/jcm-09-03246.pdf