Episode 35

Resolving Inflammation using SPMs with Prof Charles Serhan


August 5th, 2019

52 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

Professor Serhan expands on the application of SPMs inside the inflammation-resolution cycle and outside this cycle, highlighting alternative mechanisms, the wide scope of SPM therapy and exciting new treatment considerations currently within the field of lipid research.

  • Prof Serhan background on moving into studying lipid mediators. (1:30)
  • Aspirin triggers biosynthesis of lipid mediators. (4:57)
  • Old to new: Review of inflammation and stimulating resolution processes. (6:55)
  • Resolvins reduce neutrophilic infiltration and inducing “self-limitation”. (11:14)
  • Plasticity of macrophage poles – key function of SPMs. (13:48)
  • Healthy human breast milk contains SPMs. (19:45)
  • Structures, receptors and functional location of Resolvins. (20:44)
  • Downregulation of biosynthetic enzymes and using SPMs. (25:00)
  • Aged mice with enhanced inflammatory response and diminished resolution response. (29:00)
  • SPMs in obesity models. (31:00)
  • Role of SPMs in additional chronic inflammatory conditions. (40:05)
  • SPM killing and clearance of infections without immune suppression. (44:34)
  • SPMs, macrophage types and tumor reduction. (46:45)
  • Topical SPM application in animal models. (49:51)
  • Future publication on periodontal disease. (52:53)