Episode 68

Lessons in Interpreting Pathology with Rachel Arthur


June 8th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

With over 20 years of experience in the clinic and the ‘classroom’ as one of the top practitioners and educators in integrative nutrition and health, Rachel Arthur has attracted a large following of clinicians who value her outstanding independent, unbiased education and leadership. With a particular interest and highly developed skill-set in diagnostics, Rachel helps Practitioners derive important information from mainstream pathology results.

In this episode, Rachel shares insights into common pathology markers, including GGT, ALT and ALP as well as CRP, uric acid and the albumin / globulin ratio. She highlights the importance of monitoring intraindividual shifts and imparts valuable considerations for interpretation. This is a must-listen for health professionals!

*Highlights *

  • How does pathology interpretation fit in a Naturopath’s scope of practice? (4:30)
  • How are reference ranges determined? (7:50)
  • GGT (12:30)
  • How do you explain atypical results to patients? (15:00)
  • ALT (20:00)
  • CRP (27:00)
  • TSH (31:00)
  • Uric acid (35:30)
  • ALP (39:00)
  • Albumin / Globulin Ratio (42:30)
  • Monitoring intraindividual shifts (50:30)
  • About Rachel Arthur’s MasterCourse - Comprehensive Diagnostics (57:30)

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Website: https://rachelarthur.com.au/
Rachel’s Mastercourse Comprehensive Diagnostics: https://rachelarthur.com.au/mastercourse-comprehensive-diagnostics/
Paper Rachel mentions: Whyte MB, Kelly P. The normal range: it is not normal and it is not a range. Postgrad Med J . 2018;94:613–616.
Instagram handle: @rachelarthurnutrition