Episode 43

Dr Nathan Byran - The International Leader in Nitric Oxide Biochemistry


February 10th, 2020

47 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Dr Nathan Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. Rose asks pertinent questions, and Bryan answers beautifully. Enjoy this highly informative conversation and take away a clear understanding of nitric oxide production and the importance of this molecule for health.

  • What is nitric oxide and how do we make it? (3:00)
  • Looking at the difference between nitrates and nitrites (10:15)
  • The significance of the oral microbiome in the production of this molecule (17:30)
  • The challenge with recommending nitrate enriched foods (24:00)
  • The importance of nitric oxide for the body (28:00)
  • Clinical symptoms that indicate nitric oxide deficiency (34:30)
  • Fascinating results obtained from supplementation (37:00)
  • What’s on the horizon for this field of research (42:40)

Dr Nathan Byran - https://drnathansbryan.com/