Episode 38

Managing Chronic Infection and Mould Illness with Amina Eastham-Hillier


October 2nd, 2019

42 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Amina Eastham-Hillier is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist who specialises in solving the unique patient puzzles presented with Lyme disease, mould illness, parasites, viruses and other stealth infections. As acclaimed author of Lyme Natural and international presenter and educator to medical practitioners, she combines naturopathy and science to clear a path to healing for even the most complex of cases.

  • Where to start in a complex case (6:52)
  • The real prevalence of stealth infections, and why some people get so ill (8:50)
  • The discover and detection of pathogens; testing and beyond (11:53)
  • Beyond killing pathogens in the path to healing (20:20)
  • Supporting energy is fatiguing illness (28:28)
  • Tailoring treatments for pathogens, acute and chronic presentations (30:30)