Episode 15

Treating Lyme-Like Illness with Dr Hugh Derham


August 28th, 2017

38 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Patients in Australia have been presenting to Dr Hugh Derham with Lyme-like illness for almost a decade. Symptoms can be mild such as brain fog, difficulty thinking and fatigue, to severe presentations of Bell’s palsy and Motor Neuron Disease. Symptoms can last for decades and in most cases can go unrecognised. Dr Derham has been diagnosing and treating patients with Borreliosis infections in Australia since 2010, with some patients having never left Australian shores, and is convinced that a strain or a species of Borrelia, strikingly similar to B. burgdorferi, exists in Australia. Dr Derham covers how to identify a patient’s symptoms, how to diagnose infections, what treatment options have been successful, and how to become more informed when it comes to tick-borne illnesses and Lyme-like disease.