Episode 13

Latest Understanding of Probiotics with Dr Mary Ellen Sanders


June 7th, 2017

44 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

With some negative articles in the media and conflicting marketing messages in the industry, it is difficult for Practitioners to be confident in selecting a probiotic for their patients. Do probiotics colonise? Is it better to give more strains at the highest dose? What conditions are probiotics indicated for? In this podcast Dr Mary Ellen Sanders will answer these questions and more.

Dr Mary Ellen Sanders
Dr Mary Ellen Sanders PhD is an internationally recognised consultant to food and supplement companies in probiotic microbiology, with special expertise in paths to scientific substantiation of probiotic product label claims. With over 110 peer-reviewed, scientific publications on efficacy substantiation, microbiology and regulatory issues pertaining to probiotics to her name, Mary Ellen strives to provide objective, evidence-based information on probiotics for consumers and professionals.