Episode 104

Exploring the Complex Interplay Between Thyroid, the Immune System and Fat Mass with Rachel Arthur


July 27th, 2023

57 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

*The information in this podcast is intended for Healthcare Practitioners.

In this much-anticipated edition, we are joined by the renowned diagnostics educator and experienced naturopath, Rachel Arthur. Together with our host, Nathan Rose, they delve into the fascinating world of the thyroid gland and its interconnectedness with other crucial signalling factors such as leptin, hormones, and fat mass. Prepare to have your understanding of thyroid research reframed as they explore why attributing fat gain solely to the thyroid might not be the full story. Get ready for a captivating discussion on how excessive adipose tissue can lead to disruptions in thyroid function and the influence of macrophage types on endocrine balance. Rachel's remarkable ability to present complex concepts with her insightful analogies promises to make this episode both clinically relevant and entertaining!

15:36 minutes - Why increasing T3 isn’t the holy grail for fat mass.

20:31 minutes - Excess energy intake can be the greatest disruptor of gland architecture.
30:50 minutes - The role of fat mass and macrophages in thyroid function.
36:00 minutes - How inflammation and macrophage type can alter fat gain.

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